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Unloading / Unpacking

Unloading / UnpackingThe last step of relocation process is unloading the items relocated at the new location and unpacking the boxes to get the new home or office arranged. Just like loading and packing, the two processes of unloading and unpacking can either be done by the clients themselves or by the moving companies. Where door-to-door relocation services are provided by a mover, unloading is included in its services. However, not all moving companies provide unpacking services. Some companies who provide this service might charge extra amount for it.

As soon as the truck or trailer loaded with the household goods reach the client's new address, the crew of the moving company starts taking the boxes off the truck and place them inside the house. If the house is in a high rise apartment, it is the responsibility of the company to take the client's belongings to his apartment through lift. Sometimes, in low rise apartments where there is no facility of lift, the company assistants have to carry the things through stairs. In such cases, the provision of unloading service differ from company to company. Some of them might include the service of carrying things through stairs in the package and others may charge extra for the service.

Inself service moving, people have to do the unloading and/or unpacking themselves. However, many companies have evolved nowadays who provide labor to load or unload the rental moving trucks. There are many such moving labor companies, some of whom operate locally and others provide their services even for long distance moving. They have a crew that handles loading in the originating location of the client and another crew that gets unloaded the belongings in the new home or office at the destination city. Although, the pricing policies of moving labor companies vary, generally they provide 2 or 3 men team for 4-5 hours each for loading and unloading. If someone wishes to or takes longer than the prescribed hours then additional payment on hourly basis has to be made.

Many moving companies provide unpacking services, either included in the whole moving package or as an additional service with extra cost. Unpacking services are mostly opted for by those who either cannot devote time to unpack and arrange their homes such as busy singles, two-career families and business owners etc. or by those who are unable to do heavy weight work like senior citizens, retirees etc. Sometimes, unpacking services are also helpful for people who move to smaller homes. As the professional unpackers have had unpacked and organized more households than an average person, they find solutions to problems that otherwise would have been a big issue for the homeowner.

There are many companies who are not movers yet they provide professional unpacking services to the people who have relocated to new destinations. They come on moving day to direct the hired moving company and do unpacking of the client's household items. Most of them offer partial as well as complete unpacking services. In partial unpacking service, the crew unpacks the boxes and place the items on the nearest flat surface. They also remove debris resulting from the used packing supplies. The clients are then free to put things away at their leisure and preference. When the clients opt for complete unpacking service, the crew unpacks all the items, remove the packing debris, and place the items according to the client's direction. The cost for unpacking depends on the size of home and how quickly the customer needs the items unpacked. Most services are completed in one day. However, if the clients need the work to be done in half a day, there may be an additional charge for the same.

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