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Silver, Gold, Brass, And Other Metal Objects

Custom Packing There are certain goods that are made from precious, semi precious or other metals. To move them safely while residential relocations is an issue of concern. The jewelery made of precious metals like gold and silver are, in the first place, not allowed by almost all the moving companies to be loaded on trucks. Therefore, it is not only recommended but becomes necessary for the customers to carry them with themselves. However, some metals like silver and brass are used for making dishes, bowls and other decorative items too that can not be carried personally with the clients. Then there are other metal objects like bicycles, lawn and garden items etc.

that also run the risk of getting rust during transportation. These items are carefully packed by the packing and moving companies to be transported to the new destination of the customer.

Packing Silver, Brass and Other Metals
Silver has the tendency to get tarnished when it comes in contact with air. Thus, all silver pieces are enclosed completely in clean non-acid tissue paper or plastic wrap. Bowls, tea sets etc. are wrapped carefully and packed just like dishes and glassware.

Packing Gold Items
Gold jewelery and other items are not transported by the moving companies. They have to be carried personally by the customers. Care should be taken while packing them. Old packages should not be used. Overpacking the gold items with too much of protective materials is also not recommended. As far as possible, tissue papers should not be used which makes it difficult to remove the gold items safely. Instead, they should be packed in small zip-lock bags and placed in the personal handbag or suitcase which should be carried with utmost care.

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