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Relocation Process

Relocation Process With a boom in sectors like IT, pharmaceuticals, ITES (IT enabled services) and manufacturing, the movement of people across all nationals has increased, giving a fillip to the relocation industry. Once the relocation decision has been made up, the search for a suitable relocating service provider begins. The earlier this process begins, the better it is. More the lead time, more likely is the achievement of preferred delivery schedule. On an average, a six week's lead time is considered to be fair enough.

For major relocations, the moving companies require alternate pickup and delivery dates, though in most of the cases they comply with the dates preferred by the customer or the nearest possible alternatives. Also, the loading date for goods and the estimated date of arrival is notified in advance and set keeping in mind the convenience of both the parties.

If the pickup and delivery dates are critical (due to such factors such as a lease expiration or a real estate closing), an extra-cost service is also available with these service providers, to accommodate a more precise, reasonable schedule.

The entire process involves a lot of planning and takes place in stages. These crucial stages in moving and packing / relocation are:

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