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Plants Packing

Plants Plants need specialized care while shipping just as in the case of pet moving. In fact, the laws of many countries do not allow plants to be moved if the distance between the originating and destination location is more than prescribed limitations. For example, the Household Goods Carriers' Bureau Tariff does not allow a carrier to accept a shipment containing perishable items, including plants, except when a shipment is moving less than 150 miles and/or delivery will be made within 24 hours. Many interstate moves and international relocations also restrict some species of plants to be moved. However, many household plants can still be taken along with the people who relocate themselves.

Moving Companies and Plant Shipping

Most of the moving companies do not ship plants. If, however, they are carried by the moving companies, plants are not covered by the insurance provisions. As most states require transported plants to be grown indoors in sterilized potting soil, the moving companies want their clients to adhere to these rules. They also want the customers to prepare their plants for moving by transferring them into unbreakable pots and treating them with pesticides etc. The packing of the plants have also to be done preferably by the customers according to the nature of the plants. However, they generally provide packing supplies like boxes etc. with or without charges.

Packing of Plants

Plants have to be prepared weeks before moving. They have to be pruned, administered with pest control treatments and transported to unbreakable pots. On the moving day, plants are drained to ensure that they are not water logged. It is always good to pack plants in sturdy boxes lined with plastic. Holes should be punched in the boxes to allow plants to breathe. Plants have t be packed snugly, but not very tightly, into the boxes and some packing is placed to hold them firmly. Movers have to be told about the boxes containing plants so that they may take extra care of the plants. The 'root balls' of garden plants have to be wrapped in plastic and it has to be ensured that the earth in them is not too dry. Larger climbing type plants have to be tied with supports to the stem to avoid snapping in the moving process.

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