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Pet Moving

Pet MovingAlong with the packing and moving of household as well as commercial goods, the relocators are also now a days offering safe, reliable and economical pet moving services to the individuals as well as corporates. Movers and Packers offer professional pets transportation services to make your as well as the pet's journey easy, safe and less stressful.

Role of Pet Moving Companies/Pet Movers

Pet moving specialists streamline and simplify moving of the pets, either domestically or internationally. The experts move the pets to their new homes in a safe, humane and stress-free manner via land, rail, ship or air. These professionals pet handlers are trained to understand pet behavior, recognize potential problems or needs, and respond to them quickly and affectionately.

By arranging for all necessary health papers, providing airline or shipping crates, plus boarding before or after flight, the entire process is made completely smooth. A thorough investigation is carried out relating to any requirements for importation by a foreign country. The staff of the large moving and packing companies is also equipped to handle all species of animals including: pets, reptiles, birds, exotics & zoo species, and livestock and horses.

Types of Pet Moving Services

There are two main types of packing and moving services available for the pets:

Accompanied Service

It allows the client and the pet to travel together on the same flight. The pet checks-in at the passenger terminal and rejoins the client on arrival in the baggage hall at the destination airport (subject to the jurisdiction).

Unaccompanied Service

This service is available when the client is unable to travel with the pet. Here, the pet is collected from the door step itself, packed by the experts and then finally taken to the cargo. The entire documentation, like health certificate etc can be arranged by the service providers also.

Reputed Certified Agencies for Pet Transport

Some of the reputed agencies giving the certifications for pet moving services are:

Pet Container Requirements

Some of the common guidelines for per container requirements are: Also, there are specific IATA approved containers that are used for moving and packing of the pets.

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  • Pet Shipping Associations
    Pet MovingThis section contains information about the major international pet transportation and related associations. Here you will find all relevant information such as contact address, telephone & fax numbers, website address along with a brief profile of these associations.

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