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Military Relocation/ Government Relocation

Military Relocation/ Government Relocation Public servants have to relocate many a times in their whole career. Relocations are, in fact, a way of life for military and other government services. Knowing this fact doesn't make the relocation process for service members and their families any easier. However, the government agencies and military administration provide many benefits in order to somewhat compensate the moving stress due to frequent relocations. Packing and moving companies too have special packages for government and military employees to match their budget and for quickly moving them in event of short notices. The relocation processes for military and government employees are described in the following paragraphs for general understanding.

Military Relocation
Military families move every two to three years on an average. They do not have any choice due to their mission requirements and military norms which dictate periodic changes in their location. The service members don't move with their families every time which may be sometimes due to family constraints. At other times, the new assignment is declared as “unaccompanied tour” by the military administration itself. In such condition, if the family moves with the service member, the moving cost of the family to the new location is not paid by military. Sometimes, military personnel have to undergo international relocation also where additional adjustments regarding local customs, norms and language have also to be done. However, the moving companies tackle this problem through culture orientation, area orientation and such other trainings.

Usually the department of defence in almost all the countries help the military members move efficiently and provide for special entitlements that defray moving costs. There are certain criteria about relocation entitlements based on the location of new destination. The military relocation process involves the following steps:

Military, usually, gives the following benefits, of course, depending upon the rules and regulations of one's country:

The relocation companies also help military spouses in finding suitable jobs. Many employers commit themselves to hiring military spouses. There are many Web sites devoted to assisting military spouses with job placement and education opportunities.

Government Relocation
There are many moving companies that are approved provider for relocation and moving services for government agencies and the military. They carry on the moving process of the government employees in a professional manner which keep their moral intact. Following services are provided by them:
These companies also counsel employees on overall policy entitlements as approved by their departments. They also co-ordinate employee expenses for reimbursement apart from preparing and administering promissory notes. Housing assistance is also given by many companies. Their services also include insurance based on the employee's declared value of the shipment. This is a general account of services provided by the moving companies for government relocation and may differ from company to company.

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