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Lamps and Decor

Lamps and Decor All the bulbs and shades are carefully removed from the base unit and packed in sturdy cartons labeled "fragile". Items like wall hanging, artifacts etc are wrapped individually with bubble wrap, blankets or towels and packed "'flat items" on their edges. For pictures, mirrors etc, both sides are covered with bubble wrap and heavy cardboard and subsequently binded with tape.

Lawn and Garage items Packing

Before packing, all gasoline and oil must be removed from items like lawn mowers, weed eaters, chain saws and other equipment and the batteries must be disconnected. After tightly securing the lid, the moving parts must be immobilized. Long garden tools can be strapped into a bundle while heavy power tools are put in a sturdy box and the empty space is filled with newspaper.

Art and Antiques Packing

Any item requiring specialist care such as antiques or paintings are packed in internal wooden crates, that are measured exactly to fit and protect the individual items. Each piece is individually wrapped in bubble wrap. The bottom of a large box is padded with crumpled newspaper or Styrofoam peanuts and the items are given plenty of space in the placement. Lots of packing material is put on the sides, between items and on top.

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