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International Relocation

International Relocation An expat who moves from one place to another, finds the whole process of international relocation a very complex and stressful activity. Not only do these expats need visa and permission for emigrating to other country but they also need to find accommodation apart from school/college for their children, job for the trailing spouse and other facilities like hospital for emergency services- just to begin international living in a decent manner. Some of the issues concerned with international employees moving overseas like those of housing assistance is taken care of by expert international realty agencies. However, living abroad not only means finding a proper house. Many other issues have to be addressed so that relocating and working abroad proves to be a wise decision.

International Relocation Process

To make international moving a smooth experience, many international relocation services are available worldwide. The relocation companies, apart from providing basic services, also provide certain specialized services like those of custom clearance, immigration & visa services, and not to mention, the very essential cultural/language training and area orientation etc. They follow a well organized relocation process to help persons moving overseas.

Additional Services Offered by the Moving Companies

Apart from the basic services required in an international relocation, many moving companies provide certain additional services for the benefit of their clients

Storage Facility:

If a client is not permanently moving overseas, s/he may leave some of the household goods in storage provided by the moving company. Moreover, If it is not possible for an expatriate to take possession of items at the arrival destination abroad until a certain date, most of the moving companies arrange for warehousing at destination point till the time the client is ready to take final delivery of the shipment

Insurance services:

many moving companies provide insurance coverage through different policies. The clients can buy full replacement value coverage for the full value of their belongings which includes protection for any damage incurred during shipping. Alternatively, they can go for released value coverage. Released value means that in opting for no insurance coverage, they receive the base coverage provided, generally in the range of $0.30 to $0.60 per pound per article.

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