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Industry Overview

Industry Overview A rapidly blooming service based industry, moving and packing services are now occupying a place of prominence in the corporate as well as domestic sector. With the advent of ICE age (information, communication and entertainment), the conventional geographic boundaries have diffused and relocation has become a way of life. Across the world, more and more people are moving within national as well as international regions and that too more frequently than ever before.

This shift in lifestyle has added fuel to the growth and advancement of the moving and packing sector. Wholly dedicated to the consulting, packing, loading, unloading, unpacking rearranging and settling services, this sector has especially witnessed an impressive horizontal as well as vertical progress in the last few years.

At official as well as personal level, moving and packing services are now getting their share of attention and budget allocation. Outsourcing of relocation services and search of the right packing & freight forwarding company through internet is also gaining momentum.

Not only the companies now a days have a dedicated relocation division, but they also have different domestic and international relocation policies; both for employee relocation or office relocation. Some of the important considerations while framing such a policy are tax considerations, leave time, allowances for permanent storage, inter cultural and language training etc.

Along with the moving and packing services, there are many allied services that are now offered by the industry players. Some of these are insurance, car transportation, pet carrier, warehousing, courier service, crating service, rental assistance etc. The entire moving and packing process is carefully chalked out and then executed. An additional facility of tracking the goods in transit is provided to the client.

Of all the services offered to the client, an industry survey revealed that in selecting the "right carrier", the level of service is of chief importance among decision-makers (89% rate it "critically important"), and regardless of company size, "scheduling" is more critically important than "Price". Other factors that are important are claim processing speed, reputation of the carrier company etc.

From an aquarium or precious jewelery to electronic goods and kitchen ware, every single household good is carefully packed and moved. Similar is the case for office items; like files, cabinets, computers etc and industrial goods like heavy machinery, tools etc.

An extensive mover's and packer's network now covers all the major cities and towns, at national as well as international level. There is a multi- mode transportation model where in the cargo services are offered and movement is done via land, rail and air routes. The laws governing these relocation services vary from place to place and are different for moving persons and companies.

What started around a decade back as "helping friends in relocating themselves and their families in an alien destination" is currently around a Rs 500 crore (US$120 mn) industry that is growing in double digits!

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