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Home Furnishings

Home FurnishingsHome furnishings are essential for any home. They are included among the most prized household goods. Some of them cost a fortune, even more than the furniture which get decorated by them. A good example of invaluable home furnishings are rugs and carpets that have to be given extra care during any move. Many of the home furnishing items like bed linen, pillow covers, curtains, drapes etc. are made up of such valuable materials as silk, satin, velvet etc. which also demand extra attention. The packing and moving companies know this very well and as such they take all precautions to protect the home furnishings by specialized packing.

Wardrobe Cartons
The manufacturers of packing supplies have understood the importance of the rising freight forwarding industry. They now manufacture specialized cartons- the wardrobe cartons- for packing clothing, curtains, and drapes.

In these specially designed boxes, the neatly folded curtains and drapes etc. are hanged on non-rusting hangers. They are folded lengthwise, placed over a padded hanger, pinned securely and hung in the wardrobe. Each of such wardrobe can hold about 20 hangers of compressed clothes. However, they have to be purchased from the moving company. They, in fact, prove cost effective when moving long distance as compared to the laundry charges or damages after move. However, if any customer doesn't want to pay extra for such boxes, the movers fold and place the home furnishings in a suitcase or a carton lined with clean paper.

Mattress Cartons
Mattress cartons of different sizes are used for shipping mattresses and box springs. The size of these boxes are compatible with the standard sizes of mattresses- crib, twin, double, queen and king. Some waterbeds, futons and sleep sofas also require to be packed in special cartons for shipping. Pallets or pieces of wood are used under upholstered furniture, mattresses and box springs to avoid contact with concrete or metal.

Bedding, Linens, Pillows, Rugs and Carpets
Bedsheets, tablecloths, towels, pillowcases, blankets and other such linens are packed in a large plastic bag or a carton that is first lined with clean paper. The most prized linens are wrapped in tissue. As the linens and beddings are good for cushioning or padding many items, they are sometimes packed in securely sealed plastic garbage bags and stuffed into odd spaces on the truck. Alternatively, pillows are placed in bureau drawers or packed in cartons. Cedar chips or mothballs are used in the packed cartons to prevent moth damage. The moving company handles rugs and carpets in a very professional manner. They are rolled up and secured with tape or rope. Care is taken to place them protectively on the truck away from such items that can damage them. If required, the rolled carpets are wrapped in some packing materials like brown paper etc.

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