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Accessorial Services:
Services, other than line haul transportation and that are charged in addition to transportation charge. These include packing, unpacking, an extra pickup, a long carry, an elevator carry, etc.

Additional Transportation Charge (ATC):
It is a regionally adjusted charge that compensates the carrier for services performed in areas where the labour rates are higher than the national average or where the additional costs are incurred due to traffic congestion

A Packing company that is authorizde to act on their behalf for custom clearance or some other work.

Advanced Charges:
These are charges payed by the mover for the services that are performed by a third party, like a professional, craftsman etc, at the request of the client. The mover pays for these services and adds the charges to your bill of lading charges.

Appliance Service by Third Party:
An accessorial service, it is the preparation of major electrical appliances to make them safe for shipment.

Space at and around the property for removal of vehicles, and whether lifts are available for apartments. This is assessed by the consultant to ascertain any difficulties the vehicle may encounter.

Air Ride Suspension:
A feature on a removal vehicle, to aid smoother transit.


Bill of Lading:
This is contract with the carrier and receipt for goods. Customers' signatures acknowledges that their goods have been loaded on the moving van and "released to the carrier".

Blanket Wrapping:
A method of packing furniture to prevent damage in transit

Bonded Warehouse:
A warehouse that meets with local customs specifications and allows the storage of items that have not yet gained customs cleared status.


The mover transporting the household goods.

Certified Scale:
Any scale designated for weighing motor vehicles and certified by an authorized scale inspection and licensing authority.

Shipper's statement of loss or damage to any of his or her household goods while they were in the care of the carrier or its agent.

C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery):
Shipments where customer pays moving charges at the time of delivery only.

The person to whom the shipment is to be delivered.

The person from whom the shipment is picked up from.

Chargeable Weight:
The weight used by an airline to determine the air freight charge.

Container Storage:
Large wooden containers, in which the belongings are loaded, sealed and then the container is stacked away

Containerized Vehicle:
Specialist removal vehicle which is designed to carry storage container so that belongings can therefore be loaded or unloaded at the residence.

Corporate Account:
When the employer is responsible for the removal charges

A wooden crate made specifically to carry a high value / delicate item e.g., Large Mirror or a wooden case made specifically to fit several items in for long distance or international moves.

Customs Clearance:
Regulations and procedures covering the entry of goods into accounts


Declared Valuation:
The shipper's indication of the value declared for the possessions being shipped, thereby establishing the carrier's maximum liability for loss or damage to the shipment.

Destination Agent:
The agent designated in the destination area to be available to assist or provide information regarding the shipment.

Dedicated truck / container:
A truck or container carrying one client's belongings exclusively, with move dates specified by him and agreed by the mover.


A professional assessment as to the space requirements, weight of goods and cost of the move determined by the physical visual inspection of a shipment by a representative of the carrier.

Estimate, Binding:
This is an agreement made in advance with the mover. It guarantees the total cost of the move based, upon the quantities and services shown on the estimate.

Estimate, Non-Binding:
This is what the mover believes the cost will be, based upon the estimated weight of the shipment and the accessorial services requested. A non-binding estimate is not binding on the mover. The final charges will be based upon the actual weight of shipment, the services provided, and the tariff provisions in effect.

Expedited Service:
This is an agreement with the mover to perform transportation by a set date in exchange for charges based on a higher minimum weight.

The amount that will be deducted from any insurance settlement, may be a per item excess or per total claim.

Items or cause of damage specifically excluded from the policy. For example money, jewellery, mechanical derangement, check the insurance information provided by your mover.


Flight Charge (Stair Carry):
An extra charge for carrying items such as pianos to a higher or lower floor.

Full Replacement Value Protection:

A valuation program, which does not incorporate depreciation as a factor in settling, claims for loss or damage.

Ferry Vehicle:
A small vehicle used when access at residence is restricted, the ferry vehicle goes between the house and large removal truck with your possessions

Foam Moulding:
Foam moulded to the shape of specific items, usually very high value and delicate items.

Full Cover:
A detailed insurance cover that usually includes loss, theft, fire and breakage, (breakage maybe restricted to items packed by your professional mover).


When belongings of a client use only a part of the space in the container, the costs are shared and this method of transport usually results in a saving although transit times are usually longer.

Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Service:
An additional level of service featuring guaranteed dates of service. The mover provides reimbursement to you for delays. This premium service is often subject to minimum weight requirements.


Home Packing:
An option when the client chooses to carry out his own packing.

High Value Article:
These are items included in a shipment valued at more than $100 per pound ($220 per kilogram).


The list itemizing the goods (and their condition) that have been released to the carrier.

Indemnity Cover:
The value of items allowing for depreciation and ware, the second-hand value.

Inland Move:
Move within same country, state, county


Line Haul Charges:
The charges for the vehicle transportation portion of the entire move. These charges, if separately stated, apply in addition to the accessorial charges.

Long Carry:
A charge for carrying articles excessive distances between the movers vehicle and client's residence. Charges for these services may be in addition to the line haul charges.

Lump sum:
A rate given based on the information supplied by the client to the mover, this is the price charged as long as the information supplied is accurate.

Long Term Storage.


A motor carrier engaged in the transportation of household goods and its household goods agents.

Maid Service:
Staff to put items into cupboards such as clothing, bedding, kitchen equipment.

Various items with which belongings are packed for safe transit e.g., cartons, crates, bubble wrap and removal blankets.


National Move:
Move within same country, usually long distance.


Order for Service:
The document authorizing the carrier to transport the household goods.

Order For Service Number:
The number used to identify shipment. It appears in the upper right corner of the Bill of Lading and on the Order for Service.

Origin Agent:
The agent designated in the origin area to be available for preliminary readying of the shipment before movement (such as packing cartons), or to provide information regarding the move.

Order (Bill of Lading) Number:
The number used to identify and track the shipment.


PBO (Packed by Owner):
Articles packed into cartons or crates by the shipper, not the carrier.

Peak Season Rates:
Higher line haul charges applicable during the summer months.

Pickup and Delivery Charges:
Separate transportation charges applicable for transporting shipment between the storage-in-transit warehouse and residence.

Part Load:
The belongings of an individual that take up part of the space on a truck or in a container, the cost is therefore shared and usually results in a saving, suitable for small moves.

Specialist removal vehicle

Pre-Delivery of Cartons:
Cartons delivered to home by the mover in advance of the pick-up date for owner packing.

Packing staff and materials arrive before the actual move date to pack and prepare belongings for moving.

Private Move:
The person who is moving is responsible for paying the move charges

Professional packing:
Packing staff and materials supplied by the mover to carry out packing of client's belongings.

Protective Pads:
Method of packing furniture to prevent damage in transit.


Reasonable Dispatch:
The performance of transportation on the dates, or during the period of time, agreed upon by client and mover and shown on the Order for Service/Bill of Lading.

Insurance that provides replacement of the item damaged beyond economical repair or lost.


The person (customer) whose goods are being moved.

Storage In Transit (S.I.T.):
Temporary storage of household goods in the warehouse of the carrier's agent, pending further transportation.

The booking or origin agent examines (i.e.: surveys, or visually inspects) the shipper's goods to develop a cost estimate.

Shuttle Service:
The use of a smaller vehicle to provide service to residences not accessible to the movers normal line haul vehicles.

Storage In Transit (SIT):

The temporary warehouse storage of shipment pending further transportation, with or without notification to you. If the client cannot accept delivery on the agreed-upon date or within the agreed upon time period, the mover may place the shipment into SIT without notifying the client

Special Load:
A truck or container carrying a client's belongings exclusively, with move dates specified byhim and agreed by the mover.

Storage Extension Insurance:
The extension of an original removal insurance policy to cover a period of storage, for more information see Insurance Section.

Storage Modules:
Large wooden container, belongings are loaded into them, sealed and then the container is stacked away

Storage Vaults:
Large wooden container, belongings are loaded into them, sealed and then the container is stacked away

A company appointed by mover to carry out packing, loading, collection or delivery services on your movers behalf.


An issuance (in whole or part) containing rates, rules, regulations, classifications, or other provisions. The Surface Transportation Board requires that a tariff contain three specific items. First, an accurate description of the services the mover offers to the public. Second, the specific applicable rates (or the basis for calculating the specific applicable rates) and service terms for services offered to the public.

Third Party Services:
Some movers offer to arrange / co-ordinate additional professional services e.g. Plumbers, House Cleaners, Waterbed dismantling/assembling, carpenters, maid service.

Total Loss:
Insurance for belongings on the restricted basis of total loss only, this is very limited cover and the details should be checked carefully

Transit Insurance:
Insurance for belongings whilst they are in transit, the cover provided maybe Indemnity or New for Old/Replacement


The removal of goods from containers (boxes) and crates, and the disposal of such containers and packing materials.

Under Insured:
When the declared value of an item is less than the cost of replacement, insurance compensation is restricted to the value declared as a maximum level of compensation


Shipper's declaration of the value declared for the possessions being shipped, thereby establishing the carrier's maximum liability for loss or damage to the shipment. If no value is declared, the liability is then controlled by the tariff under which the shipment was moved.

Movers call all types and kinds of trucks used for moving "vans". A van can be as small as a small Maruti van or as large as an 34 foot long truck

Van Line:
A group of independent moving companies who co-operate together to provide moving services throughout a specified country


Warehouse Handling:
A charge may be applicable each time SIT service is provided. Charges for these services may be in addition to the line haul charges. This charge compensates the mover for the physical placement and removal of items within the warehouse.

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