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Furniture Moving furniture is not an easy task. Starting from sofas, beds, tables, cabinets, or for that matter electronic appliances, kitchen appliances, proper care needs to be taken while moving and packing these items. Furniture items are not only heavy and large, they are also very expensive and the worst thing is that they get easily damaged. Hence they need to be properly protected during the move to ensure that they are in good condition on reaching their desitnation.

Materials Needed for Packing Furniture

For furniture, quilted moving blankets are apt. Also, the furniture is wrapped in paper pads to prevent it from dust or light scratching. For prevention against heavy scratching, the furniture is wrapped in corrugated sheets. The exposed legs (of tables and chairs) are wrapped in bubble wrap or newspaper. Some of the common materials are:

Different furniture items require different packing materials.

Electronics Packing

For computers, electronic and other fragile products, it is best to use anti-static bubble wrap and packing peanuts. First the item is carefully wrapped with the anti-static bubble wrap and then taped. A portion of the box that contains these items is filled with packing peanuts. Then the item(s) is placed in the box(es) and toped off with the remaining portion of the packing peanuts (only electronics require anti-static bubble wrap).

Major Appliances Packing

The owner's manual must be checked for any special instructions before the packing starts. Make sure the inside and outside of all appliances are clean. The inside of some appliances, such as washing machines and dryers, can be stuffed with towels or linens and the parts that could come loose should be taped down. The appliance can be then wrapped with furniture pads and tied securely.

Dishes and Glassware Packing

Fragile (easily breakable) items such as china, glass and ornaments are individually wrapped in materials like "bubble pack", acid free tissue paper or white paper (depending on the item) and then packed in double wall export cartons.

Furniture Moving Equipment

It is always advisable to take the help of professional furniture movers to move and pack furniture. Furniture movers make the task of furniture moving easy and less stressful. For proper loading and unloading, besides the packing materials, certain furniture moving equipments are of great use like as follows:

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