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Custom Packing

Custom PackingThis is the age of customization and the moving industry is no exception. Almost all of the packing and moving companies provide customized packing with the help of custom-sized packing boxes to accommodate any of the customers' belongings. They use the most innovative protection techniques to make sure that the priceless possessions of their customers stay in original condition till they are delivered at the new location, howsoever far it might be. These companies work with the customers to develop, design and construct crating and other structures that meet their exact specifications.

Specialized Packing
There are specialized packing supplies in the form of cartons for very specific needs like golf club cartons, bicycle cartons, clock boxes and crates. There are ultimate specialty carton, which is a crate for extremely fragile pieces like marble and glass. Further, art and antiques are packed in “build-to-suit” boxes customized to the art, needs, and budget. This includes a wide variety of items- from portraits to sculptures, glass table tops to trophies and chandeliers to antiques. The customized service by moving companies include all- crating, transporting, storing and in some cases showcasing too, as in case of trade show relocations.

Corrugated Boxes
With the freight forwarding market demanding customized packing materials, corrugated boxes are now widely used in the transport packaging world. These boxes are available from standard box sizes and styles to all customizable sizes. It is one of the only packaging materials that can be cut and folded to various shapes and sizes. Due to its many qualities- extreme durability, versatility, lightweight and low cost- corrugated material is used for custom-manufactured shipping containers, packaging and point-of-purchase displays. It has become the favorite packing material as it offers innumerable possible combinations of board types, weight, adhesives, treatment and coatings, including flame retardant and static control protection. It can even be designed to contain granular or loose bulk products and even hazardous materials as well as liquids and fresh foods, with the addition of removable plastic or waxed liners which serve as moisture barriers. So, whether a customers needs a flame retardant packaging for his office/ commercial goods or climate controlled packing for storing, corrugated boxes have become the popular choice for all.

Packaging Indicators
Many customers, especially during corporate relocations and warehousing, demand some or the other types of indicators to be placed on the packed boxes. These may include shock, tilt, moisture, temperature and other indicators. It is also important to have these indicators during long distance international relocation for ensuring perfect handling and transportation, so necessary for zero defect delivery. Based on the customers' requirements, the moving companies can even use indicators on boxes that instantly react on rough handling or environmental circumstances considerably reducing mishandling. The presence of the indicating labels makes the attendants aware and more observant. For example, shock indicators are used to prevent damage due to rough handling. Tilt indicators prevent tilting of the packaging. Moisture indicators point out the % relative humidity inside a packaging during transport or storage and temperature indicators indicate the maximum or minimum temperature to which a product has been exposed.

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