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Consultancy Once the pre-move survey has been conducted and initial costing estimate has been finalized by the client, the moving service provider then focuses on other vital aspects related to the packing and moving program. The consultancy service includes many vital factors like shipping of goods, paperwork at port of embarkation and disembarkation, entire documentation, schedule of air and freight carriers etc. All these are then considered and advantageous solutions are chalked out.

Consultancy services for an organization include

This consultation can also be done over the phone and once all the services expected by the client are noted, the resources required for it are then shortlisted. This relocation consultancy service discusses in detail the entire packing, loading, crating, moving, unloading, unpacking, and resettling service. From the arrangement of storage facilities to the successful completion of the paperwork, the responsibility from here on, shifts on to the shoulders of the movers and packers.

Depending on the nature of move (local, domestic or international) and the client (individual or corporate) the significance and time taken for the process is different. For instance, an international move requires an elaborate consultation vis-a-vis a local move.

Also, the employees of an organization need thorough consultation, unlike an individual who is shifting. The process is of special importance for multinational organizations that operate diverse workforces across borders and cultures. The successful relocation of individuals, teams or divisions require not only an important financial and time investment, but also detailed attention to human factor. The most insignificant or trivial matter can often negatively influence an international assignment or restructuring process.

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