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Home » Articles » UK Immigration: A Guide to United Kingdom Immigration

UK Immigration: A Guide to United Kingdom Immigration

Immigration to UK
Immigration to UK
October 7, 2014 -For those who are interested in immigration to the UK, certain rules and regulations need to be qualified and followed so as to proceed with the immigration procedures and get the green signal. Certain norms and criteria need to be qualified before proceeding for immigration. Your detailed bio data is scrutinized for immigration clearances.

What is the purpose to visit to UK

Applications for UK Immigration

The UK Immigration Agency considers applications for:

Immigration to the UK: Some Important Tips

Fill up your application form correctly: For those who are planning immigration to the UK, it is very important that the application form is completed carefully. Immigration forms can be downloaded from the web. All accurate information needs to be filled correctly in the first time itself. The information that you provide about yourself should be such that it creates the right impression about you and make your application acceptable in the first attempt itself. Simply filling up the form with limited responses to their queries will not serve your purpose. At times it is also advisable to take professional guidance in filling your application form. There are many such agents whose main job is to help people with their application forms if they are planning immigration to the UK.

Start preparing for the move much earlier than the actual move: It is easier for highly skilled persons and those who are within a certain age limit to get the work permit once they have filed their papers. If you are planning to move to UK, it is always helpful to prepare towards it long before you give in you papers, so that you can satisfy all the vital criteria required for immigration.

UK Visa Types

The UK visa is issued by the UK Border Agency. The visa is basically an entry clearance document which gives someone permission to travel to or enter the UK. There are 4 types of UK visas:

After Receiving The UK Visa

After you receive your UK visa, you should check that all personal details given by you are correctly given. Check whether it states the purpose for which you want to come to the UK. Also check whether the visa is valid for the date when you want to travel. If there is any wrong information in your visa, contact the visa application center immediately. If you have already traveled to the UK you will need to write to the UK Border Agency to make the necessary corrections.

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