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Home » Articles » Tips on Moving your Aquatic Friends

Tips on Moving your Aquatic Friends

The idea of moving fish and all aquarium animals is not a good idea. If you are planning to relocate to a new place, it is always better to sell off your exiting stock of fish and getting new fish at your new destination because travel is very stressful on fish, and there is every chance of losing many of them even if you take the best of the best precautions. But even then if you insist of moving your aquarium, then consider the following tips which will help to reduce the pain and loss of fish.

How to move fish and the aquarium?

The task of moving fish and the aquarium involves two main tasks: Caution: Do not move the fish in their tank.
Moving Aquarium  

Moving the Tank

When you move the tank, the main problem is the filtration system. Once you move the aquarium without the flow of oxygen-laden water, aerobic bacteria start to die just after few hours. For a short distance movement, there is not much of a problem , but with longer distance, it becomes a problem to preserve your bacteria colony. In such a case, it is better to restart the bacteria. The entire process of packing, unpacking and setup time takes time. So you need to consider the following:

Moving the Fish

In moving fish, three problems are involved:

Where do you put them while you're moving the tank?

There are two options for this: A friend's tank or a pet store tank

How do you pack them?

For few hours, you can put the fish in sealed bags and they should be half-filled with air. Put the bags in a padded, compartmentalized container, and ship by air. So if you keep your fish at the pet store, they will store tham in this way and ship by air. For larger fish, or longer hours, one can use a sealed bucket for each fish, rather than a bag.

How do you support them while they're being moved?

Dont feed the fish before travelling. You do not degrade the water quality with the food. Usually they won't eat during the move as well. Fish can survive a week or so without food if they've been previously well fed. Try to maintain an even temperature. If you are moving the fish by car, use a battery-powered airpump and airstone. After the move, slowly put the fish to the new tank location.

Top Mistakes in Moving Aquarium

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