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Home » Articles » When is the Perfect Time of the Year To Move?

When is the Perfect Time of the Year To Move?

October 29, 2014 -Most movers and packers companies face the question by their clients as "When often is the best time of year to move?" As a matter of fact, a mover and packing company is in business all through out the year, but there are certain times of the year or the peak seasons when business is in peak. Actually the answer to this question depends on the client himself as he has to plan and move according to his convenience. There are certain factors to consider before making a move which we are discussing below:

Time of Year

The time of year is best selected depending on where you stay and where are you moving to. If you are moving to a country or a place which is very cold during winters like as in New York, then you should avoid winters. There are chances of snow fall, harsh weather conditions, hailstorms during this period where moving can be very dangerous. Similarly, if you have plans to move during summers, the sweltering heat can also be very dangerous. Goods stored in the vans or trucks will get very warm. There are chances of wooden objects getting cracks, or plastic and wax objects getting melted and so on. However summer is still better than winters. In fact for those places where there are no extreme temperatures during summers or winters, to move over the summer or winter holidays is a good idea, especially for children where they can start their new sessions in school.

Considering the weather conditions, the best time of year to move is in the spring or late fall. The mild weather in most areas during these times is an added bonus that can make the process of moving a little more comfortable.
Ideal Packing Moving Time

Time of Month

From June through the middle of September, moving companies tend to be very busy. The busiest times for moving companies are the beginning and end of the month and the weekends, where the moving companies charge a higher amount as they are loaded with too many orders. So to avoid rush, it is better not to opt for these times of a month.

Holiday Seasons

It is best to avoid holiday seasons as the festival periods like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year and of course other festivals specific to a country are the busiest times of the year when it comes to travel, both on the roads and in the air. During this time, businesses also close , and you can find it hard to get your life arranged at the other end of the journey. Movers and packers also ask for higher prices during the holiday seasons.


This is a very important factor to consider. Are you moving to an entirely new location where your children have to join a new school or college? If yes, then it is best to move during the stretches when children are out of school and are relocating to a new school. For this the ideal time is over the summer holidays. However this also varies from school to school, college to college. Some have academic sessions beginning after summers or some have in the beginning of the year. So you have to move as per the academic session of that particular location so that the children can start fresh at the beginning of a new school year. In the storage & moving business, these times of year are busier than others.


Thus the perfect time of the year to make a move is something which is dependent on many factors. Sometimes it is not at all possible to pick the ideal date to move. If you are relocating for work, you may have little say over when you leave. The ideal day could also be determined by leases and legal transfer dates for which you have little or no control, and you might have to move in peak winters or summers or in the busy holiday period. In such a case, it is better to plan ahead. Keep potential difficulties in mind and allow yourself plenty of time to execute your move. Select a packing moving company much ahead of time. Scheduling your move as much as 4-6 weeks earlier is ideal for hiring a good moving company.

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