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Moving with Animals

Moving with Pets
Moving with Pets
October 30 2014 -When you have a pet at home and you need to move to a new home, you surely need to consider your pet as a part of your family. All care and attention that is given to other members of the family must also be given to the pets. You should know that any change can be very strenuous for your pet, so it is important to avoid as many stressful situations as possible. Pet moving is not an easy job. There are two ways of moving your pets to a new location. Either the pet moves with you or you hire the professional services of pet transport companies to move your pet. There are reliable, professional pet movers who can make pet moving less stressful for you as well as your pet.

Maintaining rules, regulations and laws of the new location related to pet moving

The first step that you need to consider when you are considering a move with your pets is to study the laws and requirements of your destination related to pet moving. Some cities may require different things than the place you live presently. You might have to apply for a certain permit or license to move your pet there. You might also need to have special insurance in order to keep your pet in that area. The most important requirement is that your pet is properly vaccinated.

Visit your Vet

Your pet must be given the regular shots. It is important for you to check the health of your pet animal on a regular basis so that it is in a good shape to move. Check up with your current veterinarian before you move. This will help you to make sure that your pet has all the necessary vaccinations and is in good health to move to its new home. You can also arrange for your records to be sent to a new veterinarian.

Moving in a Car

If you are transporting your pet yourself in your car, you very well know what are the things the pet needs to be equipped with while moving. Some animals enjoy a joy ride but not necessarily they will enjoy it for long drives. If you are traveling long distances, you should schedule in extra time for exercise or walks. Take breaks in between your journey and let the pet take a stroll. Pets like dogs can get very disruptive if they are kept in a car for a very long period of time. You can also move a small pet in a carriage and cover the cage with a towel or sheet in order to help keep it calm. Keep inside the cage the pet's favorite plaything like a plastic ball or bone. Take breaks and feed him.

Moving in a Plane

If you are moving to your new location by air, it is necessary to make special arrangements with the airline for the transport of your pets. Most airways have special programs where your pet can fly in the same plane as you do. Airline requirements are very strict. You need to have all paperworks like vaccinaltion certificates, identity proof ready when you arrive at the airport. Ask about what kinds of carriers are approved by the airline before your moving day. To make the process stress-free as possible, follow the following tips:

Items to pack for pet moving

There are many different things that you can pack for your pet. Some of the most important ones are :

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