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Home » Articles » How to Move and Pack Household Plants ?

How to Move and Pack Household Plants ?

Moving & Packing Plants
October 28, 2014 -Just like any other items in your household, it is to be noted that your plants, both indoor an outdoor plants in pots or planters require extra care when moving from one place to another. Like as you move all your items to your new home, you also need to transport plants to your new home and for that you will definitely need to plan well in advance of the move. You should have knowledge of the special precautions you must take when moving your household plants as they are delicate and easily affected by outside circumstances like climate, temperature, sunlight, humidity etc. As a rule, movers and packing companies also undertake the task of moving and packing your plants together with other items, but prior to the move, you as the owner of these plants should follow certain tips.

Getting your plants ready: Preparing the move

Begin preparing your plants a few weeks before the move.

2-3 weeks before moving day

1 week before moving day

You should also check the plants for insects or any damage and take the appropriate action to treat them. Uses insecticides with extreme caution.

2 days before the move: Water your plants

It is always advisable to water your plants normally 2 days before the move. Watering them just before packing them up, could potentially spill and make the rest of your items wet. At the same time, the plants will be heavier to lift, which can also increase the weight of your shipment and the costs of your move. If you are moving in winter months, do not over-water them as it may cause the plants to freeze.

On the Day of the Move or 1 day Before the Move: Pack Your Plants

Plants on the Road

Unpacking your Plants in your New Home

Unpack your plants as soon as possible once you reach your new home. Remove them from boxes. Find appropriate places in your home to place these plants. Try to find the spaces according to the suitability of the plants. Take into account your plants’ lighting requirements. Let the plants adjust to the new outside environment before replanting them in the ceramic or clay pots. With proper attention and care, your plants will flourish in their new home.

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