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Home » Articles » Moving Made Easy with Furniture Moving Equipment

Moving Made Easy with Furniture Moving Equipment

October 31, 2014 -One of the most essential items required for furniture moving is furniture moving equipment. Moving equipments are necessary items, tools, implements which are required to perform and complete task of furniture moving and packing easily, fast and in enhanced ways. Some of the equipments are used for protection and some for moving. Whether you are moving to a new location or simply moving furniture to a different room in the same house, there are many types of furniture moving equipment which help to move furniture without lifting and hurting

Furniture Moving Equipment Benefits

For moving heavy and light furniture in a safe and easy manner, furniture movers and packers make use of some essential furniture moving equipment. Furniture moving equipments have certain benefits like as follows:

Furniture Moving Equipment


For any type of relocation, whether residential or commercial, when it comes time to move furniture, furniture dollies are a must. They are required for protecting and efficiently moving your furniture in a quick and easy way without hurting your back. They make shipping time a lot quicker. They are available in varied sizes and are usually with a flat, surface platform for conveniently holding the furniture or appliance. These dollies have wheels or casters to simplify move. The dollies are useful to move heavy and unwieldy appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, TV, dryers etc.) including heavy or large pieces of furniture. Furniture dollies often include rubber bumpers for making sure the dolly does not gouge walls or other obstacles. There are also carpeted furniture dollies, that include carpet on the top as padding and this protects cargo from grinding against the steel or wood frame. There is another type of furniture dolly referred as convertible dolly, which converts into a hand truck for smaller cargo and they are useful for shipping a variety of items.
Furniture Dollie
Furniture Dolly

Furniture sliders

Furniture sliders are often used together with furniture dollies. Sliders are basically plastic pads. A normal pad kit contains four pads, and each pad has a side which clings to the furniture piece and the other side is the smooth side which is placed against the floor or carpet. Sliders are placed under the legs of furniture and they are used for sliding the piece of furniture whether a sofa or a chair or an entertainment unit around the room. In other words, each pad or slider is put under each of four corners of furniture. Once the sliders are in place, the heavy furniture is moved across the room by gliding on the smooth slider pads. Furniture sliders ease the movement of furniture between rooms. Sliders work well on both hardwood and carpeted floors. The best part is that they prevent damage to the floor from scuffing, scratching, and gouging. They also can help movers avoid back strain and other injuries. Once the furniture is in place, you can slide out the pads and remove them.
Furniture Sliders
Furniture Sliders

Furniture Rolling

To move the most extreme heavy furniture, furniture rolling can be used and this is done using a series of wooden dowels. The dowels are placed in a row that look similar to train tracks. The piece of furniture is placed onto this track and then moved along it. The furniture keeps on passing over each dowel, you remove it and place it at the beginning of the row of dowels, creating a constant track to move the furniture on to the new room.
wood dowel
Furniture Rolling on Wood Dowels

Furniture Moving Straps

Furniture moving straps are also used by moving professionals. Straps are fitted easily in tool belt or back pockets. They are lightweight but strong and furniture and other heavy pieces can be easily lifted and carried. Two people can easily carry heavy or bulky loads. Moving straps makes moving heavy large/bulky objects like furniture, washing machine, piano, bed etc much easier. Significantly reduces strain and risk of injury to the lower back and also makes it comfortably to move large and heavy objects without damage to floors and walls.
furniture straps
Furniture Straps

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