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Home » Articles » Difference between Motorcycle Shipping and Car Shipping

Difference between Motorcycle Shipping and Car Shipping

Motorcycle shipping
Motorcycle Shipping
June 16 2014- Motorbike transport is a task that should essentially be carried out by a professional vehicle shipping company, specially a transport company that focuses in shipping motorcycles. It is to be noted that a vehicle transport company is involved in packing and moving vehicles of all types from one place to another. But there are specialized companies like a car carrier for transporting only cars, motorcycle transport company for transporting motorcylces or a boat transport company for shipping boats and ships. There are few differences between motorcycle shipping and car shipping which we are discussing below:

Cars are much safer to transport as they have a proper stability in terms of their handbrakes and they possess strong four wheels. A car can stand on its four wheels or tires during shipping. But motorcycles are comparative light in weight, have only two wheels with nothing to keep the bike stable apart from the stand. So extra efforts are required for shipping a motorcycle.

Motorcycle shipping is usually considered to be cheaper than car shipping because of the difference in size of vehicles but this is rarely the case. Motorcycle shipping requires special items like as speacially designed closed carriers to carry motorcycles, specially fitted tracks or palettes for the same purpose. Ultimately a motorcycle takes up the same room as a car when it needs to be shipped anywhere.

Transport cost also depends on how far you are traveling and what services the shipping company you choose to use has to offer. There are a variety of different services that a shipping company can offer you and accordingly the price varies.

It is also necessary to be aware of the fact that a good car carrier company may not necessarily be a good motorcycle carrier company, though some companies are experts in both the car and also bike shipping. Car movers may not exactly be aware of the techniques of securing the bike down. So it is better to opt for a specialist motorcycle shipper than a car shipper. Some of the reputed motorcycle transport companies even hire motorbike mangers and enthusiasts to manufacture the carriers so as to assure you completely the security of your motorbike during transportation.

A motorcycle shipping company also help you with proper insurance works, with your quotes and pricing. Always compare quotes to get the best deal in motorcycle shipping. While the Insurance will cover you for scratches and careless damage by the shipping company it is unlikely to cover for natural calamities like the ship sinking or damage due to rough waters.

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