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Acts & Regulations

For individuals

Industry Overview The rules for relocation in the same country or a foreign country are different. They vary from region to region in case of domestic movement and are different for various countries. The individuals, whether shifting singly or with family, must get the rules cleared out from the relocation agency.

Some of the rules for movement of individuals are:

Information for moving/ relocating offices or companies

When the entire office or commercial set up has to move, nationally or internationally, the state and country laws must be kept in mind. The players in the movers and packers industry are well versed with all these regulations and accordingly undertake the relocation process.

A few of the guidelines for moving of office or companies:

For Moving Pets

Industry Overview Pet moving from one country to another requires fulfilling certain conditions placed by both the countries- from where pet is moving and the destination country where the pets will be shipped. These rules for international pet transport can be termed as pet export requirements and pet import requirements respectively. Most of the times, these rules for moving pets pertain to the health and vaccination status of the pets. However, pet relocation of endangered species is regulated by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) that protects not only endangered species but also species that might become endangered due to international trade. Persons moving with an exotic species must check the CITES Species Database to ensure whether their pet is protected and must follow the CITES guidelines accordingly.

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